Too early for a beer

13 November 2021 19:00


Today I walk stage 13 of the Kloosterpad together with Nita and Bernie. 21 kilometers fromAbdij Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven in Berkel-Enschot to Landpark Assisi in Biezenmortel. Roderick and I pick up the ladies at the terminus and then drop us off at the abbey with its tasting room, La Trappe. Unfortunately, it is still too early to taste a beer at this beautiful starting point, but that gives a nice prospect when we will walk from Oirschot to Berkel-Enschot on 15 January 2021. Can we all immediately toast to the new year and the approaching pilgrimage Walk for Homs.

Three ladies with spirit

Nadat Bernie het kleine kamertje van de brouwerij heeft bezocht en er een foto is gemaakt, gaan we op pad. In de auto hadden Nita en ik al door dat Bernie ook van een leuke klets houdt en al snel blijkt ook dat haar tempo mooi aansluit bij dat van ons. Het is ook nog eens prachtig weer. Dit was anders voorspelt, dus we boffen maar weer. Nu maar hopen dat de weergoden ook goed gestemd zijn in april. Ik moet jullie eerlijk bekennen dat ik al even bezig ben met een dagelijkse zonnegroet. Je weet nooit of het werkt, dus ik kan nu maar beter alles uit de kast halen.
After Bernie has visited the small room of the brewery and a photo has been taken, we set off. In the car Nita and I already realized that Bernie also likes a nice chat and it soon becomes apparent that her pace matches ours nicely. The weather is also beautiful. This was predicted differently, so we're lucky again. Let's hope the weather gods are in good spirits in April as well. I must confess to you that I have been busy with a daily sun salutation for a while. You never know if it will work, so I better pull out all the stops now.

In the mud up to my ankles

It soon becomes clear to us that the weather was quite wet yesterday. It is therefore nice and impulsive of me to walk straight through the field and not wisely around it like Bernie. I am quickly completely stuck in the mud up to my ankles. Fortunately, my summer shoes dry quickly and I only soak in my shoes for a short time.

The longest hanging bridge in Europe

Apparently all three of us also have a sixth sense, because we were talking about the largest suspension bridge in Europe a few hundred meters back. We come across a mini suspension bridge with two girls on it who also happen to be talking about the longest suspension bridge in Europe. Only they are talking about country A. No idea anymore which country this was, because this immediately confused me. Bernie was just talking about Portugal and I was talking about Germany. When I search for it on the internet, there are three more bridges in Europe that are claimed to be the longest. So we must all be right in some way. After a photo opportunity on the smallest suspension bridge in Europe, we continue on our path.


Of course we don't always listen carefully to Komoot because of our geekiness and we have to traverse the polder landscape with 'danger' to our own life. Well, me then. I'm a sock hero when it comes to walking over slippery logs. But SuperNita offers help after capturing this moment. What a woman, at home in all markets. Bernie later says that she would like to use this photo for the poster that she can hang in the supermarket and at her physio. I only agree, because her reason is really very special. In the photo she is behind me just as she is behind my initiative. So nice to see how everyone is committed in their own way to the people in Syria and to continue the life's work and vision of my uncle, Frans van der Lugt sj (1938-2014). It is becoming increasingly clear to me how special the journey I am making on the way to our final destination in 's-Hertogenbosch. Perhaps the journey there might be just as special to us as what we will mean to the people in Syria. I will therefore cherish the beautiful moments, special memories, insights and inspiration that all come my way.

No light to be seen

Once we arrive at the Assisi estate, we walk an extra round around the grounds. Looking for the light. At least let the light in, because here it doesn't look like we can't pick up our stamp and keepsake. Next time we will start here again on November 27, so we may have more luck then. November 27 is not just a walk, because then we walk with a large group. Super fun and pleasant to meet a number of participants again. Perhaps this number is not so crazy, because a special guest is walking with us. I will keep this a secret for now.