About us

Earlier I spoke on this website about the work I do for charities, foundations and social enterprises. Since 1 January 2021, I have not been doing this work alone anymore. I do this with my partner Roderick Oudemans under the name Elefunds. Elefunds stands for elephants and fundraising. Elephants are powerful herd animals to us and that is exactly what we do. Together we bring people ("herds") together by inspiring and connecting them by designing and realizing fundraising events, actions, projects and campaigns. Nothing is better than being allowed to do something based on your passion and thus help others towards a new future.

We also have a foundation, Stichting Donatiebeheer Elefunds. With this foundation we ensure that all donations from our own initiatives end up in the right place, including for Walk for Homs.

Naast dit alles zetten we ons ook ieder jaar vrijwillig in voor verschillende goede doelen, omdat wij het belangrijk vinden om ook op deze manier bij te dragen aan de wereld. Zo coachen we al twee jaar ieder vier jongeren op de middelbare school richting een mooie toekomst vanuit de organisatie Jinc. Daarnaast ben ik bestuurslid van Happy Planet Professionals, een beweging die elkaar stimuleert om duurzamer te ondernemen.

In addition to all this, we also volunteer every year for various charities, because we find it important to contribute to the world in this way. For example, we have been coaching four young people at secondary school towards a bright future from the Jinc organization for the past two years. I am also a board member of Happy Planet Professionals, a movement that stimulates each other to do business more sustainably.

Do you want to contact me? Feel free to contact me via anneclaire@elefunds.nl or +31625007958.