Participants Geert en Lia are in the newspaper

03 November 2021 22:00

Every day I am busy getting publicity for the pilgrimage 'Walk for Homs'. I sent the first press release on April 5, 2021 for the launch of my initiative. I got an overwhelming response to it. I can still enjoy this and it just keeps going. Every week I try to 'plug' a number of participants into the local press in their area. It's great to see the press pick it all up and embrace 'Walk for Homs' and its participants.

On October 26, participant Geert van Dartel from Oss was allowed to kick off, but was closely followed four days later by participant Lia Eskamp from Tetteringen. Both from the province of Noord-Brabant, so I see it as a kind of polonaise. Who will join next time? In any case, I am sure that our training on November 27 will be a big party on the Kloosterpad, because we walk together with a large number of participants, friends and a very special guest. Like a kind of polonaise, because everyone walks at their own pace. But more on that later.

Would you like to read Geert and Lia's newspaper articles online? You can do that via the links below. they are in Dutch only:

  • Breda Vandaag: "Teteringse Lia gaat 156 kilometer lopen voor een goed doel in Syrië."
  • Brabants Dagblad: "Geert van Dartel gaat aan de wandel om het werk van de vermoorde Syrische pater Frans voort te zetten."