Training together is just as much fun as alone

11 June 2021 21:00

Quite a few steps have to be taken prior to the pilgrimage from Amsterdam to 's-Hertogenbosch to be able to walk the more than 155 km in six days. To be able to complete all six days of the hike with a smile on our face and without blisters on our feet, it is wise to train. That is why I have decided to walk a short distance (5-10 km) from my own front door until the week before the start in Amsterdam, and a long walk (20-25 km) every other weekend. In March next year I want to build this by doing a 25 km walk every weekend and a long weekend with three long walks, so that I am well prepared for the six-day pilgrimage.

Het Kloosterpad

Part of my training will be the Kloosterpad. The Kloosterpad is a walking path of 330 kilometers along some fifty (former) monasteries and abbeys in central and eastern Brabant. The Kloosterpad is divided into 15 stages, varying from 16.5 to 28 kilometers. The tour can be walked in fifteen stages, from monastery to monastery. I think it would be great fun to walk this one with you. Of course everyone is welcome, so participants and doubters can all come with me. So don't wait any longer and let me know via this form which stage(s) you want to walk along with and enjoy this route and the anticipation of the pilgrimage with me.

Leg Date From  To Kilometers Overnachten
01. 04.09.2021 Den Bosch Heeswijk 22,5 kilometer  
15. 05.09.2021 Vught Den Bosch 18,0 kiometer  
06.  16.10.2021 Sint Agatha Boxmeer 18,0 kilometer  Ja
07. 17.10.2021 Boxmeer Boekel 29,0 kilometer  
08. 13.11.2021 Boekel Aarle Rixtel  22,5 kilometer  
09. 27.11.2021 Aarle Rixtel Eindhoven 28,5 kilometer  
10.  15.01.2022 Eindhoven Vessem 22,0 kilometer  
11. 29.01.2022 Vessem Oirschot 22,5 kilometer  Ja
12. 30.01.2022 Oirschot Berkel-Enschot 24,8 kilometer  
02. 12.02.2022 Heeswijk Uden 18,5 kilomter  
13. 13.02.2022 Berkel-Enschot Biezenmortel 20,0 kilometer  
14. 26.02.2022 Biezenmortel Vught 23,0 kilometer   
03. 11.03.2022 Uden Megen 28,0 kilometer  Ja
04. 12.03.2022 Megen Velp 20,0 kilometer  Ja
05. 13.03.2022 Velp Sint Agatha 26,0 kilometer  

Would you like to join me? Please let me know via this form.

Pay attention! The overnight stays must be arranged and paid for yourself. More information about staying overnight can be found on the website of Brabants Kloosterleven.