Safe and quality education for children in Aleppo, Syria

06 May 2023 09:00

The district of Aleppo is one of Syria's three districts where the situation is most serious. ZOA is providing emergency aid and working on reconstruction to give people in this heavily affected area a dignified existence. One of the reconstruction interventions is making education possible again. The schools in the villages of Rasm As Sahrij and Tall Hadya were damagedĀ  and then decayed by the war. ZOA has repaired these school buildings and installed good and safe sanitary facilities.

With the support of the participants and donors of Walk for Homs, ZOA has now also been able to repair and renew 150 school desks at these schools, so that 450 boys and girls can return to school properly and 20 male and female teachers have a job again. Another donor has provided sufficient teaching materials and games, heating for the winter and fans for the summer in all classrooms.

At the moment, both schools are in use again and the children are enjoying safe and quality education.