Download the walking routes of the Walk for Homs pilgrimage

05 April 2023 09:00

It's been a year since I left the Jacob Obrechtkerk with all the participants in the rain to start an adventure that was still unknown at the time. I look back on these days with great fondness. Days to think about my uncle, to walk in silence and to connect with each other. How much has happened in the past year. We visited Syria and was not much later hit by earthquakes and a missile. Due to the current situation, our plan to help on Al Ard for six weeks has been canceled, but we have also received other things in return, more about this later.

So that everyone can enjoy the pilgrimage, I'm putting all gpx. files of the stages we walked last year online. As a gift for everyone who likes walking, but even more to thank everyone for the love and support we have received.

Il Al-Amam, forward we keep going for Al Ard. Hopefully I will see you on Saturday 10 June in Nijmegen for another walk.

Download all routes here