Spring is coming!

27 February 2022 10:00

What a feast we have already spotted the first snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses. The sign that spring is around the corner and with the beautiful weather it is even more enjoyable.

We walk with a small group from Heeswijk-Dinter to Uden. This route is once again fully enjoyable through different landscapes and along the beautiful farms that Brabant has with the special yellow and green colors of the windows, doors and shutters. When Nita explained to me during the first leg that there was a real meaning behind the colors, I started to enjoy them even more and to delve into them.

Color card

In 1975 a color card was compiled and distributed of the Brabant farm colors. Dark red for the interior woodwork, white for the windows, yellow ocher for the frames and dark green for the doors and shutters. In fact, this is the color scheme of the Kempen farms in the past. In reality, there was a more diverse application of colors on farms in North Brabant. Much more regional and style-related and depending on the available materials. The color map in question was very popular, with the result that the Brabant farms can be admired in their unique colors throughout the province, from Halsteren to Vierlingsbeek and from Woudrichem to Luyksgestel. Who knows, I may one day live in a farm in Brabant. Seems like an honor to me.

The mill of Kilsdonks

When we have walked about 6 kilometers we come across the De Kilsdonkse Molen. This mill has a long history. One that goes back to the thirteenth century. A time when the mill was of vital importance to many people. Everything has changed, and yet it hasn't. The mills have been restored to the condition of around 1880, the stream valley is still just as green. It really is a beautiful whole and we are very kindly welcomed by the guild of volunteer millers and the people who run the visitor center. When I look at the model of the mill after our coffee-tea-chocolate milk-apple pie moment and run my fingers over a number of exhibited parts, I start talking to one of the men from the guild. What an enthusiastic man, he talks about it as if it were his child who just won the Nobel Prize. It's great that people have such a passion for something in their life.

Els and Ron

We walk on and once we arrive at Vorstenbosch we take a seat in the garden of Els and Ron, friends of Esther who live along the route. After a break we continue walking with Els. We walk through the Bedafse mountains, a beautiful area, and then walk completely along the Sint Annabos after a good conversation with Nita. When we finally arrive in Uden at the abbey, we say goodbye and say one last time, see you next time. Next time we will walk the last three stages in one weekend on March 11, 12 and 13 in preparation for the pilgrimage Walk for Homs, which starts on April 5.