The beautiful words of Danny Vera

14 January 2022 20:00

When I heard the song Roller Coaster I immediately thought of Uncle Frans. All words fit in my eyes with his vision of life. Listen to the song on Spotify here. My interpretation on the text seen through my uncle's eyes:

here we go

On this roller coaster life we ​​know
Moving with life

With those crazy highs and real deep lows
With its many highs and lows

I really don't know why
I really don't know why

And I will go
I'm going to look

To the farthest place on earth I know
To my inner home

I can travel all the road, you see
I can make choices every day

'Cause I know you're there with me
Because I know that you, my inner home, are there

You don't have to slow me down
You don't have to slow me down

'Cause I will always be around
Because you are always will be there

I will find my way back home
I will always find my way back to myself

Where magnolia grows, where magnolia grows
Where love grows, where love grows

But I guess you know
But I think you know

Why I do what I do and where I go
Why I do what I do and where I go

I try to fill that empty space inside
I'm trying to fill the void in me

But I can't do that without you
But I can't do that without you

You're even with me in my dreams
You are even in my dreams

I see a sail, the seven seas
I experience the differences the worlds with a listening ear

I will try to find my way
I will try to find my way

You're always there tomorrow, you're always there tomorrow
You are always there, my inner strength, also tomorrow

here we go
Here we go. forward

You can read the full lyrics here.

Prayer Celebrations

The wish to have this song come back during the pilgrimage Walk for Homs is therefore there. And how nice would it be to have Danny sing this himself. When I first heard Danny's voice, I thought I was listening to an American country singer. Once on Spotify, I saw that there was also a Dutch song in his playlist. I couldn't believe my luck and immediately sent an email to his management to ask if Danny would like to sing the song during one of the prayer services. They were very happy with my interest and sharing my special and personal story. Unfortunately, there is still no insight into possibilities and Danny is a much sought-after person. But there is a solution for everything and the son-in-law of participants Henk and Helmi will perform this song during the prayer celebrations. So learn the English lyrics by heart, so you can sing along later.

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