Today I was a guest in the radio program Dit is Zondag!

05 December 2021 12:00


Because of my work, I am regularly interviewed by telephone by a local radio station. In April I had my first national telephone experience with Sander de Kramer for the radio program 'Zin in Weekend' from NPO 5. Last week I received a call from the editors of the radio program 'Dit is de Zondag' from EO or I was in the radio broadcast today. want to attend. Of course I want that. So this morning my alarm went off at 04.30 am, because at 05.45 am I was allowed to report in Hilversum.

With a warm welcome at the entrance by presenter Jan Willem Wesselink, his girlfriend and his sidekick Hildebrand Bijleveld, I was taken to the studio. After a nice conversation in the waiting room, Henk van Steeg and I were allowed into the studio. After my stool was lowered to be able to level with the microphone we could start. It's really nice to be able to experience what it's like at the national broadcaster. After the broadcast, pictures were taken and we chatted for a while. Then I proudly let everything sink in during my walk around the Naardermeer.

Listen and watch the episode of 'This is Sunday' here