The first steps on the Kloosterpad have been taken

06 September 2021 18:00

I started training because the 'Walk for Homs' pilgrimage is a real challenge. My uncle, Frans van der Lugt sj, told us that a long walk expant your mind, so that's what we're going for next year. We will walk 155 kilometers in six days. That is about 25.8 kilometers on average per day. As far as I know, Frans has never touched that with his 200 kilometers in 10 days. So there will have to be training, because I can tell you walking six days in a row is not nothing. That is why I have chosen to train with those who want to on the Kloosterpad. Last weekend I was able to admire stage 1 and 15 of this path together with Nita van Bergen (participant) and Dorenda van de Ven (friend).

These four things really stood out in these stages:

  1. The company, so nice to get to know the participants and other walkers;
  2. The conversations with other walkers who also walk the Kloosterpad;
  3. The look behind the scenes of old crafts;
  4. The versatile nature that I can discover again and again.

Hiking magazine

I won't go into too much detail about the first and last stage, because I can write a blog about it for the magazine You will receive the magazine if you are a member of the KNWB.


Do you want to walk with us?

Walking alone gives expant your mind. Walking together is letting yourself be inspired by others and inspiring others. Would you like to join me and other hikers on the Kloosterpad? You are more than welcome! You don't have to be a participant of the 'Walk for Homs' pilgrimage. More information and registration can be done via the button below.

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