Third stage Walk for Homs has been mapped out

16 June 2021 22:00

No, you didn't miss the second leg. I have already cycled the second stage, but Frank, the man I met with his dog in the KRO-NCRVvideo for the program Kruispunt, emailed me immediately after our meeting. He wrote that next year the route along the Meije will partly be overhauled. That is why I called the project leader so that we can both have a wonderful walking or redevelopment day on April 6, 2021. They think they have all plans ready for the construction industry, so then you will hear more about the second stage. Fortunately, there are four other stages to map out, so I'll just keep figuring it out. You probably guessed it, because today I also have the third stage completely on paper!

Everything happens for a reason

Every time I cycle or walk part of the route I think: "Jeez, the Netherlands is so beautiful!" If you were to ask me what I think is the most beautiful stage so far, I can't answer that directly. Each stage has its less beautiful parts, but in general I think everything is beautiful. It was also beautiful today. Certainly, because me and my husband, Roderick, would prefer to live by the water with greenery around us. I walked right through the Reeuwijkse puddles and was completely delighted here. Just win that jackpot and then I think we can afford a small house on the water here. At Gouda I decided not to follow our cycle route but to go straight through the Goudse Hout and then walk through the picturesque Haastrecht towards the beautiful Schoonhoven. Unfortunately my knee didn't agree with the last ten kilometers, but I tried to ignore that as much as possible. Once arrived in Schoonhoven, the lust for a Lipton Ice Tea, a desire I developed while walking, was so great that I thought it was a well-deserved drink after almost 21 kilometers. Unfortunately this was nowhere to be found and the crossing with the ferry was no longer feasible, because I really stumbled now. But everything happens for a reason, the bus to Gouda was already waiting for me in the harbor. Another sign from Uncle Frans, giving me a nudge in the right direction? Surely! Because once I got home I took a good look at the map and the port is the best place for the bus to pick us up here on April 9, 2022 and drop us off the next day to continue our pilgrimage.

Training, training and more training

What I've really learned so far is that the 149.5-kilometer pilgrimage won't run with two fingers in my nose next year. So it's training, training and more training! So if you haven't registered yet, do so as soon as possible, because then you have a big stick to prepare. And because training together is sometimes much more fun than alone, you can train together with me and other participants on the Kloosterpad. Still unsure about joining? Feel free to sign up for one of the training days. Read more about the Kloosterpad and the training days here.