First leg of Walk for Homs has been mapped out

08 June 2021 20:30

 What a beautiful day it was today! A day on which I therefore decided to map out the first leg of Walk for Homs. I left at noon at the Jacob Obrechtkerk in Amsterdam and then walked towards the Amstel. It is still special that you are in the middle of the meadows just a few steps from Amsterdam. At this stage, the challenge lies mainly in the breeding season of the animals, the ferries that do not yet sail in April and the municipalities through which we will travel. I would prefer to walk along the Amstel in the lee of traffic, but unfortunately that will not work. But don't worry, everything happens for a reason, so this too. And believe me, it is a beautiful route along the Amstel and the Kromme Mijdrecht to De Hoef. I am already curious about what we will experience on the first day.

What I have found is that we have to arrange a bus for the people who make the first leg to be brought back to the nearest station, because the neighborhood bus only fits 8 people and only runs once an hour. With the 65 people we hope to join the first leg, this will be a bit tight. So another task is on my to do list.

As soon as the route has been approved by the municipality, I will share it on this website. On to the second stage!