Books about Frans van der Lugt sj

23 May 2021 09:00

In my search for the parables and for the inspiration that I may receive from my uncle Frans van der Lugt sj, a number of books came my way. I would like to share this with you. 

Wie ben jij, o liefde 
Author Frans van der Lugt
Publisher Kok Boekencentrum
Available at en

Frans van der Lugt sj 1938-2014. bruggenbouwer en martelaar in Syrië
Author Paul Begeyn sj
Publisher Valkhof Pers
Available at 

Pater Frans, vijf jaar later
Compiled by Jan Stuyt sj
Publisher Adveniat
Available at Adveniat en Berne Boek 

Some books are temporarily unavailable. Send an email to the relevant publisher. Perhaps they still have a copy in stock.