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The pilgrimage (5 - 10 April 2022)


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Walk the pilgrimage with me 

It is no longer possible to register for the entire pilgrimage. You can still register until March 20th for the first, the last en the first and last stage. 

In six days from 5 to 10 April 2022, I will walk with 84 other people from Amsterdam to 's-Hertogenbosch in the Nederlands, a pilgrimage of 145 kilometers. To reflect on the death and 84th birthday of Frans as well as all the people in Syria who desperately need our help.

We walk along the Amstel River, right through the polder and the Drunense dunes. We will also have to cross the rivers a number of times with a ferry. Walk along and let your mind expand, just like Frans did during his hikes in Syria. 

Tuesday April 5 to Sunday April 10, 2022. You can register until March 1, 2022.

Number of participants
A total of 84 people can walk with me.

When the 84 places have been taken, you can sign up for the reserve list here (link). Afterwards, do not forget to register for 'Walk yourself (2021-2022)' or 'Own pilgrimage to' s-Hertogenbosch'. If someone drops out and you have collected at least 840 euros, we will contact you to ask if you still want to participate. If you wish, we will exchange your participation to "The Pilgrimage (2022)".

Number of kilometers
Stage 1: 26 kilometers
Stage 2: 26 kilometers
Stage 3: 23 kilometers
Stage 4: 26 kilometers
Stage 5: 27 kilometers 
Stage 6: 28 kilometers

Total: 156 kilometers (incl. 5x ferry)

Would you like to train with me for the pilgrimage? Then walk the Kloosterpad with me

Location (s)
From Amsterdam to 's-Hertogenbosch. You will receive the exact locations of the start and finish per stage and the .gpx files of the routes by e-mail no later than one week before departure.

Theme 'Who are you, o love'
Along the way we will talk to each other about love, love for yourself and others.

"Love is there for the good and the bad. God loves all people. We have been redeemed through Christ. Not because of his suffering, but because of his love. "Frans van der Lugt

Sponsorship money
Our support is needed for the reconstruction in Syria. We therefore ask you to collect at least 840 euros for the projects that we support with "Walk of Homs". The sponsorship amount is based on the fact that Frans would turn 84 in 2022, but would probably have 10 more years if he were still with us (10*84). We understand it can be difficult to raise money, but we're happy to help with some extra inspiration. View our sponsor tips here. And after your registration you will receive even more tips & tricks from us to help you.

Pay attention! If you have not collected the minimum amount before the end of March 2022, we will contact you to discuss you possibilities.

Track your performance
It is possible to keep track of your walked kilometers on your action page. You can do this by manually adding the kilometers to your action page after each walk. Or by linking your Strava account when you are logged in. Then your kilometers will automatically be added to your action page after each walk.

When you register you pay 215 euros as a deposit. Based on the preference you have indicated with regard to the number of people you would like to spend the night with, we will send you a final invoice. This invoice must be paid within two weeks to complete your registration.

  • 5x overnight stays (Gr8 Hotels)
  • 5x breakfast (1x per day except Tuesday)
  • 6x lunch (1x per day)
  • 12x healthy snack (2x per day)
  • 7x transport (from hotel to the start and finish to hotel)
  • 4x luggage transport (from start to hotel, from hotel to hotel and from hotel to finish)
  • 5x use of the ferry
  • 6x .gpx files of the walking routes
  • 1x access to the special service in the Obrechtkerk (church) in Amsterdam
  • 1x access to the special service in St. John's Cathedral in ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • 1x keepsake if you register before March 1, 2022

We do not provide dinners, because we want to give each participant the choice of what they would like to eat and drink. There is a restaurant in the hotels where we will spend the night, but you can of course also use the nearby restaurants.

You will receive an exclusive souvenir of this pilgrimage and for your commitment to Syria on Sunday April 10, 2022.

Hotel stays
You can choose to share a room alone or with others. You make this choice when you register. Here is also space to enter the name or names of the participant(s) with whom you would like to share a room if applicable. Of course we try to arrange the rooms according to everyone's preference, but we are dependent on the rooms the hotel has available. We will of course discuss it if we cannot meet your preferences.

The total costs for the five nights are:

  • 1 person room: 450 euros per person
  • 2 person room: 250 euros per person 

We will therefore pass on these cost to you by means of a second invoice.

Supporters Obrechtkerk, Amsterdam
There is room for extra visitors in the Obrechtkerk (church) in Amsterdam, so ask your family, friends and supporters to be present at the prayer celebration at 9:00 am on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. After that, they can say goodbye to you when you leave on your pilgrimage. Your supporters must reserve a place in the church for this. They can do this on the page "Commemorate together and reflect on". 

Supporters St. John's Cathedral, 's-Hertogenbosch
St. John's Cathedral in ‘s-Hertogenbosch has room for extra visitors, so ask family, friends and supporters to welcome you when you arrive around 4 PM. Of course it will then be possible for them to attend the prayer celebration at 4.30 pm on Sunday 10 April 2022. Your supporters must reserve a place in the church for this. They can do this on the page "Commemorate together and reflect on".